“Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of
something better.”

― Gordon B. Hinckley

Small Business Websites

It is important for small businesses to have a well-built website as this is a major and valuable tool they can employ. It is the interface between your business and the world because it enables you to reach more potential customers than you can ever have access to via brick-and-mortar locations.

Except your business is centered around website design, the odd

is that you will need a competent and experienced web developer to help achieve a website that will attract and engage your audience and at an affordable cost.

We at the WEBDEV unit of Graine Consulting hope to partner with you to achieve your goals, either as it relates to your overall strategy or just from a marketing point of view.

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Complete Online Shops

The retail industry in Nigeria is huge with a sizeable number of the players operating an informal model; selling mainly through the different social media platforms such as facebook, instagram and twitter. Graine Consulting can help you move to the next level by developing an online shop for your business, giving it a more formal e-tailing outlook. We have helped a number of entrepreneurs achieve this and the positive feedbacks serves as the fuel that propels us to do more for businesses in this space.

It's easier for potential customers to locate your online store compared to your social media page and while it's not possible to automate financial transactions over social media platforms, your online store will give you this edge and more.

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Digital Marketing

A company without a digital marketing strategy is sure losing out on the potential profitability of the firm. Nigeria today has over 80 million devices hooked up to the internet everyday and close to 70% of these devices are mobile - hence your potential clients carry the internet with them.

This is why it is necessary to have a strategy to penetrate the digital space while being precise about the target market relevant to your organisation. We have helped different organisations achieve this feat with dazzling results as testimonies.

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Project Management Services

Whether you have a short-term project and need project managers, or a long-term project requiring a full needs assessment, project scoping, PMO integration, and talent delivery, we’ll provide the resources you need for your project-based endeavours. While remaining focused on your time, scope, and budget, we offer scalable project development and deployment as well as global talent delivery through:

  • Project Teams: Decades of workforce expertise enable us to provide scalable project-based teams within ICT, Web Development, FDA validation and compliance, environmental management, Data mining, and Project R&D
  • Project Management: We utilize best-in-class methodology, while keeping a constant eye on quality of service, the triple constraint, and overall business objectives
  • PMO Integration: Our approach involves assessing gaps, developing a customized PMO platform for your organization, and managing the entire program until maturity
  • SOW-based Services: As an alternative to traditional projects or work augmentation, we’ll develop and properly manage SOW-based initiatives customized for your organization

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